Our device can renew Esl used  and personalized without open by k line  free online no tokens

Reset ezs free online no tokens

Reset 7G .ISM .ECU MOTOR  free online no tokens

Generate key online no tokens

Update new software free no tokens


Make key for all car even if car with BGA KEY the new key BY OBD2 exclusive only with our device up to 2015

Read write Reset all model Ezs new and used . Renew used Esl and personalized used and new Esl. by obd2

Reset and personalized w204 w207 w212 emultator 

Write vin number on Ezs 7G ISM. reset odometer in Ezs BY OBD2

Renew Ecu motor from 2001 to 2014 all model Diesel & GASOLINE  BY OBD2

Renew 7G all number 722.9 BY OBD2 Renew ism BY OBD2

Read write RESET BE key by IR without soldering and read password 

Renew all number Nec key on board and keyless go Generator key include. in 30 sec calculate 8 key

Read Password 51 & 57 Test RF remote control Restoring original data key if lost

Read Password Nec keylessgo 08 -  06 -  42  BGA 62-75-78-79  Nec 51-57  BE KEY CHINA  (without soldering)

All key lost W212 W172 W166 W218 W117 W246 W176    (without changing ezs)

All key lost W204 W207 W164 W221 W216             (without changing ezs)

All key lost W203 W209 W211 W220                         (without changing ezs)

                                                    ------------------Update online free no tokens -----------------


For all our customers .what you saw on any website that china selling our device Diagspeed its not original
and doesn't have full function and its not connected to our server be careful before you buy 
Only Original is selling our Dealers  
   Our Version 2.85.12 


MB Key Obd2

Beirut Lebanon